BMW i8 to be launched in India next month

BMW i8 front view

When BMW announced the new i-division, auto enthusiasts worldwide were left spell bound. The i-division was a segment only for hybrid and electronic cars, a segment completely new for BMW as well as their followers. The two models to be launched were the i3 (full electric) and the i8 model. Sachin Tendulkar (big BMW fan himself) unveiled the car at the 2014 Auto expo. The BMW i8 is expected to go on sale in February 2015 in India.

BMW i8 image 1


If you had to describe this car in one single word, it would be Futuristic. BMW i8 bares resemblance to the classic 8-series, which was sold in the late 1980’s-early 1990’s. Elongated front LED’s with the signature kidney grill makes the car recognizable from far off. The taillights, back bumper and fenders have been designed for purpose and add to the car`s masculine appeal as well. The side profile of the car boasts curvy lines, which compliment the flared wheel arches. Over all the car look like a fine piece of engineering, transported from the future through a time portal. A feast for the eyes to look at, remaining true to its BMW legacy.

BMW i8 interior


If the exterior of the car looks so futuristic what could one expect from the interior. Digital gauges, display panel to control the idrive and many other technological fixtures. The interior of the BMW i8 is done up fully in leather, and the center console is done up fully on chrome plastic, while the rest of the interiors has high quality plastic and a solid finish.


The BMW i8 is a hybrid car, which means it’s a combination of petrol and an electric vehicle. A 1.5 litre three cylinder, twin scroll turbo engine, churning out 231bhp and 320 Nm sends power to the rear wheels via a six-speed auto box. The electric motor (5kWh lithium-ion battery) producing 131 bhp is mated to the front tyres via an auto box. Both motors combined together produce 362bhp and 570 Nm of torque and 0-100 is achieved in 4.4 seconds. All that and the BMW i8 still gives an average of 39.9 kmpl.


BMW’s are not known to be cheap, and don’t expect this one to be either. Being an eco-car this car does not think twice about burning a hole in your pocket. Expect about 2 crore to disappear from your bank account in case you plan to buy one.

BMW i8 rear view


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