BMW comes up with auto SOS system for added safety and security of motorcyclists

BMW SOS emergency system for motorcycle 5

BMW has been offering ‘Intelligent Emergency Call System’ on its cars for over 15 years now in Europe. It has now announced that it will replicate a similar system for its motorcycles too. Emergency call systems for cars has been in existence for quite some time now, but its incorporation in motorcycles is more than welcoming as many suffer due to delayed emergency services. By establishing rapid contact with Emergency Response Services in case of a mishap, the SOS system will help in saving countless lives. After conducting successful trials and simulations of the system, BMW claims that the time taken for emergency services to reach the accident spot nearly reduces to half.

BMW SOS emergency system for motorcycle 2

The current BMW vehicles up for sale in the market are equipped with eCall system. The integrated system records the time of the accident with the help of various sensors, it then sends the location to an emergency service through satellite navigation system. The system used in BMW motorcycles have been so designed that it will utilize the information received for acceleration, collision, and lean angle sensors to differentiate in between a serious collision and a stand-still fall. In an event of severe mishap, the BMW call centre will receive automatic notification, while the instrument cluster of the bike will display an emergency call.

BMW SOS emergency system for motorcycle 1

In case of a serious accident the rider will not be able to disconnect the call, moreover an acoustic signal will also get activated in order to attract attention in the vicinity. Now if there is a minor accident, the rider can cancel the call which will be received after 25 seconds by pressing the ‘SOS’ button. The ‘SOS’ button has been installed on the right hand side of the handlebar underneath a cover. There is provision for the rider to make a manual call by pressing the same ‘SOS’ button. The system has been paired with the cellphone and uses a similar cellular network for the distress call.