Benelli has confirmed of its plan to partner with DSK Group

Benelli TNT 1130 R

Benelli TNT 1130 R –

Benelli, a world class and legendary bike brand that has lived in Italy through generations of history is heading to India. The company will partner with DSK that has merged with Hyosung in India. According to reports the arrival of Benelli and its partnership with DSK will happen on the 17th of October 2014. There is a cluster of ventures happening, Benelli has decided to partner with DSK, and DSK has already collaborated with Hyosung.

How will the partnership of Benelli and DSK affect the convergence of DSK Hyosung?

Sources are of the view that DSK Hyosung and DSK Benelli will be two independent units. The two partnerships will be controlled by top executives; there is no interference between the two entities. The functioning of independent units means no aggressive competition within the DSK framework. Benelli and DSK will carry out individual operations, Benelli will be involved in sales, distribution and marketing and DSK will build new dealers and teams in India to handle Benelli. Benelli and DSK will have common roles and will assist in back end operations involving payroll and human resources.

Since DSK has now merged with Hyosung, DSK will now merge the brand tags of the firms. It will rename Hyosung showrooms that will now carry the DSK and Hyosung tag. Sources say that there is no competition between the two independent units. Since DSK and Benelli have now collaborated, there is going to be a new product range, and the public will be excited to know what pops out of the merger of two prestigious companies Benelli and DSK.

Products of DSK-Benelli:         

BN 302

Benelli BN 302 is a twin cylinder 300cc bike –

Sources are certain that the partnership of DSK and Benelli will result in new and effective business strategies. The conclusion of versatility emerged from the robust enterprise partnership of DSK Hyosung. Benelli was acquired by Chinese firm Qianjiang in 2005 October. The two units have since carried out rigid operations. Before being acquired by Qianjiang, the firm was owned by Merloni Group of Italy.

It was when Merloni Group acquired ownership rights with Benelli that a phenomenal product range was formed. There were stunning sports bikes such as the TNT and Tornado. Benelli has produced quality bikes under Merloni Group, the firm is now coming to India to collaborate with DSK, and bike enthusiasts can expect nothing but first rate products.

The bike market in India is huge, and DSK Hyosung is among the premium brands, but the presence of Indian made bikes is not felt to a significant level in overseas markets, the degree of impact is not as pronounced as cars.

The partnership of Benelli with DSK will strengthen the bike market in India; the level of technology will improve as well. DSK can benefit from the world class safety and software technology formatted by Benelli. The partnership will be influential in the near future. Riding a bike is risky in India, because of uneven roads and reckless driving. The incorporation of high-end safety technology on bikes produced by the partnership of Benelli and DSK will benefit the society.

Benelli BN 600 R

Benelli BN 600 R –