Ban on registration of BSIII two wheelers in Delhi

royalenfield himalayan bike 1

Royal Enfield Himalayan is not BS IV compliant and hence cannot be registered in Delhi

Delhi Government had passed on a rule stating that no new two wheeler would be registered in New Delhi that is not BS IV compliant from April 1st 2016. This new rule has affected several two wheelers manufacturers in the country such as Royal Enfield that had recently launched their much-awaited Himalayan, the bike cannot be registered in Delhi since it is BS III compliant. The recently launched Bajaj’s V15 150cc commuter also gets into this trap since it is BS III compliant. The Suzuki Access 125cc that was launched a couple of days back is also included in this category.

All efforts made by auto companies in launching and bringing about a newer product into the market goes in vain after this law is levied in the capital. Auto companies now have to reconfigure their vehicles to make BS IV compliant so that they can be registered in Delhi. This whole process of reconfiguring the vehicles may take up a lot of time for the manufacturers that could result in huge loss for companies, because being the capital, Delhi has the most sales of two wheelers across the country. In addition, from 1st April 2016 that is when these norms apply it would be impossible to register any BS III vehicle in the capital, all these measures are taken due to the rising pollution levels in the country especially in Delhi where pollution levels have reached alarming levels. Although these norms do not apply outside Delhi city, vehicles can be registered in Haryana and other neighboring states.