Bajaj Auto re-registers Chetak Brand name, May launch Chetak Scooters in the future

Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj has been in the news recently with the launch of the Pulsar AS200 and RS200. An interesting bit of news is doing the rounds on the internet that Bajaj Auto, one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers recently re-registered its well-known and famous Chetak Brand. This creates a whole lot of new speculations and rumors that the Pune based company might go back to making scooters in the future.

However, as per repots, the company has been keeping mum in this regard and its return to the scooter space is still left unanswered with a feeling of uncertainty. It isn’t very odd to hear organizations re-registering brand names for the matter of the fact, to ensure these names are available for future business prospects. Bajaj Auto by re-registering only made sure that its globally famous brand name ‘Chetak’ isn’t used by any other competing scooter manufacturer.

Without denying the fact that ‘Chetak’ holds a very important place in Bajaj Auto`s history as the scooter industry gained momentum with the name of Chetak across the country and in a way Bajaj Auto got recognition in the auto industry. Rajiv Bajaj always wanted Bajaj Auto to be in the motorcycle business considering the fact that motorcycles sell more than scooters globally. Bajaj Auto has been working extremely hard in making its export business work as it will help in dissipating the risk across various markets, making BAL a financially sound and secure business.

Only time can tell what’s on the mind of Bajaj Auto with respect to re-registering of the Chetak brand name. Although countless number of players entered the scooter segment in India, Chetak still remains one of the favorite scooter brands in the country. If Bajaj Auto goes back to manufacturing scooters in the country, this is going to be a sure-shot treat for scooter fans.