Auto Companies Asked to Share Details of Vehicles Sold with Government

Starting this October auto companies may have to upload to a government website details of all vehicles they sell. Ostensibly, the purpose is to create a digital database of vehicles and ease the registration process. For the first year this scheme is voluntary. From October 2015 the process will become mandatory. If details such as model, engine number, chassis number, color, type of engine, engine capacity and other details are not uploaded, the vehicle will not be registered in India. Government officials who prefer to remain unnamed say this will help them cross check data before registration process. It will also help curb malpractices in vehicle registration, and do away with long queues at the registration offices, while facilitating finance and insurance companies to deliver better services. All RTO offices across the country would have access to the digital data bank and could track each vehicle in all matters pertaining to registration, ownership status, vehicle condition, permits and penalties.

Manufacturers would need to submit these details under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules given in Form 20 to the National Informatics Centre portal.

This rule will apply to cars, two wheelers, heavy duty trucks, power tillers, construction equipments and tractors. Manufacturers maintain a database of all the details of each vehicle sold in order to deliver better services or address any issues but these are generally kept private for obvious reasons. Manufacturers welcomed this move stating that computerization of all RTO centers would help in quicker registration and smoother transfers when the registered owners sell their vehicles at a later date.