Aston Martin reveales its new Lagonda sedan

Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin has brought its Lagonda brand back to life for the car market of the Middle East. Aston Martin is going to offer the Lagonda super sedans in a limited edition version.

Earlier, the pictures of the cool sedan were posted on Oman Air’s official website. The cargo division of Oman Air was responsible for shipping the Aston Martin Lagonda sedan to Oman prior to its market launch. The sedan was transported to Oman in order to road test the car properly and ensure that it can handle and offer smooth and comfortable drive experience to the customers even in the dry and hot weather conditions and some rough road conditions. The new Aston Martin Lagonda premium sedan is scheduled to be offered in the car market of Middle East sometime in next year. However, this super sedan model will not be available for sale to everyone. The Aston Martin Lagonda will be made available to the car buyers of Oman only on an invitation basis only. Thus, this premium sedan will be really a truly limited edition model that will be manufactured and sold in limited numbers and also made available to only a few select customers chosen by the company.

This upcoming new limited edition Aston Martin Lagonda premium sedan will be retaining some of its old legendary styling cues from the original model that was launched back in the year 1976. Back then the old super sedan was designed by William Towns that created huge waves of appreciation. The old Aston Martin Lagonda back then in 1976 was powered by the V8 engine to offer a powerful performance on road. The Aston Martin Lagonda saloon limited edition which will be offered for sale in the Middle East car market will be albeit different from the previous model and will be modern in all the aspects, but to offer a taste of the original Lagonda saloon and in order to retain its vintage look to some extent, will be based on the old model’s design language.

Under the hood, the new Ashton Martin Lagonda sedan limited edition model will be getting powered by the mechanical specifications from the company’s VH architecture that does the duty under the hoods of the company’s entire new range of cars. Aston Martin has yet not revealed the technical details of the car officially, but it is believed that the new Lagonda premium sedan’s production models will be drawing its power from the company’s 5.9 liter V12 engine that also drives the Rapide S.

Under the hood of the Rapide, this 5.9 liter V12 naturally aspirated motor generates a max power output of 550 bhp and a peak torque 63.2kgm. The quick and fast engine takes less than 5 seconds for a speed of 0-100kph, while the car offers a top speed of 306 km per hour. The engine sends the power to the rear wheels of the car through a 6-speed ZF automatic transmission. The official pricing of the new Lagonda has not yet been disclosed.

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Pics Courtesy : Autocarindia