Aston Martin DBX Concept breaks cover at the Geneva Motor Show

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Aston Martin made heads turn by showcasing the Vulcan and Lagonda Taraf Luxury sedan at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. To make things interesting Aston Martin has also unveiled the DBX all electric concept. Going by the name, the crossover from the Aston Martin stable is a rugged combination of a coupe crossover based on the design language of the DB range of cars. The Aston Martin DBX concept looks more like a tourer which is sporty and luxurious, with the practicality and ease of a car to drive in city conditions. If James Bond “007” ever drives an electric car this would be the one.

The DBX concept is powered by an all-electric drive train which uses individual motors to power all the four wheels. The electric motor uses lithium sulphur batteries to power itself. The car features brakes made of carbon ceramic and a drive by wire electric steering. The crossover features cameras in lieu of rear view mirrors which transfer the image feed to the heads-up display in the car. LED headlamps and tail lamps are a part of the package. The car features cutting edge technology (no engine bay), and exquisite craftsmanship, which will make the Aston Martin DBX stand out as a jewel in the Brit carmaker`s production line. The DBX concept`s exclusive paint job – Black Pearl Chromium, provides a level of reflectivity which cannot be achieved with normal paint finishes. The interiors have been crafted with the best of materials and extensive use of Nubuck leather. The level of craftsmanship and bespoke luxury levels seen on the DBX, gives the car genuine global appeal.

Dr Andy Palmer CEO of Aston Martin mentioned that the car is not yet production ready but a coupe crossover is on the cards. The DBX concept challenges the status of the current range of high end GT cars. It symbolizes a world which is not too far away, making GT travel not only practical and stylish but also more environmentally friendly.

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