Around the world in a 1965 Volkswagen Kombi

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Travelling around the world by road is an exciting prospect to just think of, but what if the vehicle considered for the trip is a half a century old 1965 Volkswagen Kombi Van. Scary isn’t it! Most of the times we end up selling our cars which are only 3-4 years old for a new car as maintaining a car which is getting old is difficult. But there are guys like Jens Jacob who are passionate about old vehicles and his love for his prized Volkswagen is simply admirable.

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Jens Jacob is a German entrepreneur whose passion and undying love for his car, with the desire to see the world, explore new traditions and cultures made him embark on a world trip. What makes his story exciting is that 5 years back Jens set out in his 1965 Volkswagen Kombi Van which he lovingly calls ‘Bluee’. To ensure the journey was comfortable he equipped the van with a small kitchen, water tank, books and some tools.

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The guy was single when he started the journey, but he met his wife Cynthia in Dubai and together the two have travelled across 26 countries and over 60,000 kilometres which includes Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Oman, Turkey, Dubai and Iran. Currently they are in India and their Indian leg of the journey began in Mumbai and will continue along the coastal roads in the country until the couple finally leaves for Tibet and Nepal via West Bengal and on to Indonesia via Vietnam.

Updates on his travels can be found at – bulliadventure

It`s time I took out my old Fiat and embark on a journey, but the thought of a mechanical breakdown scares me. Hats off to guys like Jens Jacobs who have the courage and passion to do stuff like this.