Armored Mercedes G63 that’ll keep you safe for 1 Million $


There’s a company called Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, which makes armored vehicles for high net worth VIP’s. They just released their version of a stretched, armored Mercedes Benz G63. If you are person whose life is in constant danger (minister, industrialist, religious leader, drug lord), this might just be the car for you.

This company, Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, will help ensure you don’t get into trouble on the road. They have taken the G63 (which was a tank anyways) and have made it indestructible. It will give you all the luxuries most of the high-end cars provide, while keeping your life out of danger. The car has been stretched by 43 inches at the center, to provide more legroom for the individuals travelling inside. The stretched monstrous G63 has been coated in matt black, and has completely different windows as compared to any of its predecessors. The vehicle has electroluminescent bulletproof windows and heavily shielded exterior shell, which is capable of withstanding an assault by 308 Winchester FMJ ammunition powered guns. Incase there happens to be RDX or grenades involved, the floor bed has been designed to handle that as well. It can withstand blasts from upto 2 DM52 grenades (Google how destructive that is if you don’t know already).

The car not only has the protective shell of a tank, but has its fair share of luxuries on the inside as well. The car has ample space to fit two individuals comfortably. The seats can be heated, cooled, or programmed to massage as per the person`s wish. The leather on the seats is exquisite too, with fabric sourced from the likes of Bentley, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. Apart from that the car comes with a refrigerator, satellite television and an exhaust system that recirculates the air inside faster than the time you’d take to read this article.

The vehicle also comes with a special Leonardo Di Vinci Montblanc pen, to sign those multi billion dollar deals. There`s also a compartment to hold your pistol, when those billion dollar deals go wrong.

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MERCEDES G63 Limo interiors


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MERCEDES G63 Limo interiors 2