AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission) technology decoded

What is an AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission)? AMT is basically a manual transmission having an electromechanical clutch actuator. Many manufacturers prefer an ATM gearbox over a conventional automatic gearbox due to the cost effectiveness that an AMT transmission offers.

A conventional manual gearbox consists of a set of cables operating the gearbox in a two-step process. Just as in a Tata Nano, where the gearbox is cable operated, the cable processes selection and engagement of gears. When the gearshift lever is moved from right to left or vice versa, selection cable is actuated. Whereas, the engagement cable is actuated when one shifts into the gates in order to engage a gear. In order to simplify the shifter process, AMT negates the mechanical linkages and replaces them with the help of electromechanical individual devices working off the engine management.

Whereas in an AMT, the electromechanical actuators operated hydraulically take over the clutch without taking away shift action. This is the reason that the driver of the car has an option to manually engage a gear by either using the shift lever or steering mounted paddle shifter. An AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission) reduces torque interruption between the shifts with the help of its optimized shift points. Another noteworthy feature of an AMT is that its ECU has the tendency to intervene for improving safety by automatically interrupting the drive flow in order to minimize the risk of skidding in case the vehicle loses traction.

The Maruti Suzuki Celerio AMT has become the first car in India to get an Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT). This makes the Celerio AMT the most affordable automatic car in India. The Celerio is currently the hot favorite amongst the country’s car buying public. The Celerio AMT has been outselling the manual since the time it was launched in India. In addition to that, the Celerio AMT is capable of returning the same fuel economy figures as compared to a manual. The Maruti Suzuki Celerio uses a Magneti Marelli AMT, while the Tata Nano will soon be sporting a ZF developed AMT. The AMT trend seems to be catching up in India and we will see more car manufacturers using AMT transmission in their cars in the near future.

Pics Courtesy : Magnetimarelli