American Motorcyle manufacturer Harley-Davidson recalls 66,421 motorbikes

Legendary American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has recalled 66,421 Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles due to a suspected manufacturing defect. Harley-Davidson claims that the issue is with the locking up of the front wheels of the ABS-enabled motorcycles without any warning. This could cause potential damage and serious injuries to the rider.

In this case the fault is that the front brake line could get pressed between the fuel tank and the frame, which causes the front brake fluid pressure to increase. This in turn enhances the chances of the front brake to lock up. The company claims it is aware of five known crashes and two minor injuries due to this defect. This was discovered by the company through warranty claims made by affected customers.

As part of the recall procedure Harley-Davidson is notifying owners whose motorcycles were manufactured between July 1, 2013 and May 7, 2014 to get their motorbikes inspected by local dealers for brake line issues. Harley Davidson dealers will attach a strap to hold the brake lines in place to ensure the brake lines don’t get pressed between the body frame and fuel tank. Harley-Davidson India said the recall is not applicable for motorcycles in India and will only affect models launched in the American market. The H-D CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) motorbikes are manufactured by the company at its Pennsylvania plant for the custom market.

These Motorbikes are limited edition customizations of mass-produced motorbikes from the H-D factory, which have additional accessories and modifications.


Picutres Source : Autoevolution