5 Most irritating driving habits

Annoying driving habits

Annoying driving habits

While for some people driving is a way to get from place to place, for others it is a way of enjoyment and pride. There are lots of moments of frustration in everyone’s life while driving because some other drivers do some very annoying things that may disrupt the peaceful driving experience of others and even jeopardize others’ lives.

Here is a list of 5 most irritating things that drivers do:

Drivers who make you sit at signals

This is definitely very irritating, though it does not usually happen during office hours as mostly everyone is concentrating on the road. However, on weekends when you feel like the entire city has gone out for shopping or weekend drives, this could be very common. You are waiting at a red signal which seems to be never ending and then you finally see that precious green signal, but wait the car right in front of you is not moving. You are getting late for the movie and wonder what’s wrong with the driver right ahead you. Well. Most probably he got lost in texting or chatting on WhatsApp while waiting for the signal to turn green and forgot to look at the signal lights. The only way to move these senseless drivers is to constantly honk, which is another annoying thing.

Lane gabbers

Sometimes you really feel the need to overtake the vehicle in front of you, especially when you get a chance on busy weekday traffic, but no, someone will not let you do that easily. This is especially true with the bus drivers. With the humongous size of the vehicle, the bus drivers tend to think that they are the king of the roads and mostly won’t let the others overtake, especially the tiny hatchbacks. However, these annoying right lane grabbers might also be the drivers of private cars, who no matter how slowly they drive are unwilling to let the car behind overtake it. The result, more honking!

Missing tail lights

Following a car with a missing tail light can be really frustrating, and worse, you may get to follow a car without both tail lights. This is frustrating and very dangerous, as the indicators might be out as well, and there’s no way to figure out which way the vehicles will turn, making the car drivers behind extra cautious and nervous.

Short sighted drivers

No, we don’t mean drivers with eye problems here, but those who are too careless to look ahead properly. Looking as far as possible down the road is one of the most necessary things to do while driving. This prepares for sudden brakes or varying traffic conditions. However, some drivers tend to look and follow only the car right in front of them and are constantly slamming the brakes.

Drivers who swing left to turn right

We have all come across these nincompoop drivers and even ended up in sometime accidents. There are some drivers who really don’t know which way to go or change their minds way too suddenly without caring about simple driving rules. They just swing to one direction and take a turn in the opposite direction, completely confusing the cars behind it.

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