40,000 units of Ford Aspire and Figo hatchback to be recalled due to a suspected software glitch

Ford Figo Aspire

So if you are reading this and you own the new Figo or Aspire, you could be contacted by Ford individually. The reason being a suspected software issue of Restraints Control Model which can hinder the deployment of airbags. Both the models Aspire sedan and Figo hatchback were launched in 2015 and are extremely important for the carmaker to strengthen its foothold in the domestic market. According to a report in the Times of India, sources in the company revealed that the recall might be ordered on Friday.

The company is working on the software upgrade and cars stocked at dealer showrooms would be fixed soon while those which have been sold would be recalled for rectification. The repair will be done free of cost for those owning the affected models. Reports suggest that the count of Figo siblings that are affected by this recall would be around 40,000 units, out of which half would be the Figo hatchback. The delivery of the Figo twins- Figo hatchback and Figo Aspire sedan was suspended for the past three days as Ford suspected a software concern, but it would soon commence after resolving the issues on Friday. Earlier this week the American automaker sent out a Dealer Demonstration and Delivery Suspension notice to its dealers across the country.

New Ford Figo

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Ford stands tall to its commitment of delivering world-class vehicles to its customers, the dealer demonstration and delivery hold are two important pillars of that commitment. The Figo twins will be out for delivery by next week. The process of software upgradation might take 2- 3 hours at the dealerships. It is surprising that the government of India does not have any mandatory recall policy, it however plans to introduce one so as to ensure that the company informs its customers in case of perceived generic defects.