380bhp Renault Duster to participate in Dakar 2015!

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Renault Duster has launched the rally-spec version of the car, which will participate in next year`s Dakar rally, and boy oh boy, does it look good!

Renault sport has been commissioned to prepare two heavily modified Dusters for the rally. Renault sport already has participated in three rounds of the Argentinian rally Cross-Country championship to prepare for the bigger event. They performed well with 1 win and 3 runner up positions. They plan to prepare 2 Dusters. Both equipped with V8 engines, which has been borrowed from the Renault Nissan alliance. Those beastly V8 engines will produce 380-bhp. 380 bhp from a V8 in a duster that could be lethal!

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No other technical information has been revealed, but one can expect all the top specs, re-in forced chassis, roll-cage, upgraded brakes, under-body protection etc. At Renault Sport Technologies we like all types of challenges and the Dakar Rally is one of the biggest of our time,” said RST’s spokesperson Christophe Chapelain. “Our involvement in this project is logical, we will be able to bring innovative technical solutions while also demonstrating the innate off-road qualities of the Duster throughout the first two weeks of January.”

Emiliano Spataro and Benjamín Lozada as well as José García and Mauricio Malano will be taking charge of the beasts, and RST has been going all out supporting the team and they plan to finish in the top 10. This could be exciting, looking forward to seeing the outcome. Only if these cars make it to the showroom!

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380 bhp Renault Duster