2016 Toyota Prado to get a new 2.8 Liter turbo diesel engine; Images attached

2016 Toyota Prado 2

Images of the 2016 Toyota Prado have surfaced online. The changes on the exterior are close to none, with the exception of optional LED headlamps and two new colors to choose from. The SUV`s design has been iconic, and a few changes would’ve been appreciated. Nonetheless the Prado looks timeless and as classy as ever.

The real changes have been made under the hood. The 2016 Toyota Prado comes with a new “GD” turbo diesel engine, which the Japanese carmaker unveiled at the 2015 Vienna Motor Symposium. The new engine has a 2.8 liter cubic capacity and is officially called the 1GD-FTV. The new 4-cylinder in line motor will replace the current 3 liter mill. The new motor bangs out 177 bhp and about 450 Nm of twist. That is super powerful, for an engine smaller than the current offering. The new engine will also find its way into the new generation Innova’s, Fortuner and upcoming Hilux models. The power output for the Prado has been reduced to 174.3 bhp to be exact.

For the petrol engine, the power output has been increased by 6.7 hp. So the current 4.0 liter VVT-i naturally aspirated engine will churn out 277.6 Bhp @ 5600 rpm. This is more than enough to kick up a dust storm. The engines will have two transmission options. One would be the 6 speed manual, and a new six speed auto (replacing the 5-speed auto box). The new auto box is said to be available as an option in the Toyota Hilux as well.

Expected to be launched in the third quarter of this year, you could expect the new Toyota Prado to make its India debut shortly after. Do not expect this SUV to go easy on your wallet, but we guarantee it will be value for money.

Watch this space for more.

2016 Toyoya Prado 1