2016 Ferrari F12 GTO caught without camouflage

Ferrari F12 GTO

So we all know that the Ferrari F12 is one of the most powerful and most badass Ferraris ever made. Only to be followed by the LA Ferrari, all 499 of them were sold out before it was launched (by invitation only BTW).

So what made the F12 so special? The 6.3 Litre V12 making a monstrous 730 bhp obviously. Those numbers itself make give you a shiver down your spine. Apart from the monster of an engine, classic engineering and typical Ferrari styling make the car stand out. It definitely was on the top ranks of my favourite supercars of all time, until I saw the 2016 F12 GTO.

Imagine the same monster of a car, lighter and more powerful. The engine now makes a maddening 800 bhp, and the weight of the car has been reduced by a 100 kgs. This will make the Grand tourer reach a 100 kmph from standstill in less than 3 seconds. That’s utter madness!

The other changes on the car can be noticed on the outside. The car looks leaner and meaner, and defiantly better than its “civilian” version. If you want one you’d have to hurry up though, there will be only 650 of these ever made and be rest assured they’d be extremely expensive (some say even if you sell you’re kidney it wouldn’t be enough!)

The car debuts at the Frankfurt motor show, along with the 488 spyder, the fastest drop top to be produced till date.

Via – Cavallino Rampante