2016 Dodge Viper ACR is the most venomous street legal race car

2016 dodge viper acr 01

The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR (American Club Racer) is Dodge and SRT`s ultimate hand-built street legal race car. The ACR is one of the most deadly vipers till date. With an upgraded aerodynamics package the ACR brags of producing nearly 1 ton of downforce at a top speed of 177 mph. This massive force is created by its huge adjustable rear wing, rear diffuser, unique SRT hood with removable louvers and four dive planes. The new Viper ACR is designed to tolerate severe track duty in ambient temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit with a professional race car driver.

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Powering this legendary snake is an all-aluminium 8.4 litre V-10 motor capable of producing 645 HP and a gargantuan 813 Nm of torque – the maximum torque produced by a direct injection sports car engine in the world. Stopping power comes from new Brembo Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes for added braking performance and fade resistance. The system uses 390-millimeter (15.4-inch) two-piece front rotors and 360-millimeter (14.2-inch) two-piece rear rotors.

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The interiors of the ACR have been given a special treatment. The instrument panel hood, lower instrument panel and door armrest panels are swathed in Alcantara suede. A high grip steering wheel (ACR –especial) along with exquisite badging sets the race car apart from other production variants. Buyers have the option of choosing between silver and Header Red accent stitching for the interiors.

The Original Dodge Viper was introduced way back in 1999 and used the underpinnings of the second generation coupe. This model was focused on delivering the best performance in autocross and road racing environments with modifications to its engine and suspension. The legacy continues with the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR taking the game several notches higher with its significant upgrades.

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