2015 Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship to be held in March at the BIC

TATA Motors announces T1 Prima truck racing championship 2015 season 2

Indian motorsports has seen a major boost in the past few years. After the BIC was opened for operations, Indian motorsports made its place on the world map with Formula 1 coming to the country. This was followed by the National championships/ The Polo cup etc. being held at the circuit. Truck racing too made its way to our land, the thought of which was impossible a few years ago.

The Tata T1 Truck Racing Championship will be running in its second season at the Buddh International Circuit on the 15th of March. The event has received its stamp of approval from the FIA and FMSCI and will feature 6 teams comprising international drivers. A total of 12 Tata Prima trucks will be thrown around the corners at high speeds with the eyes on the podium positions. The format of the race is as follows; there would be a lap for qualifying, which would be followed by the main race.

The Tata Prima trucks have received upgrades from the ones that were used in the previous season, which enable better performance and safety. The improved aerodynamics as well as upgraded technology helps them perform better.  Powering the mammoth trucks is an 8.9 litre Cummins diesel engine. The beast of an engine produces 370bhp of power and a monstrous 1,500 Nm of torque. Transferring this power to the wheels is a 9-speed Eaton transmission. The reduced chassis height and a 10% weight reduction have helped the trucks performance, pushing the top speed from 110 kmph to 130 kmph. Stopping this beast is an upgraded WABCO brake system, which comes with a separate 120 litre water tank, which keeps the brakes cool (as the temperature gets extremely high).

“Off the back of a great 2014 campaign, Tata Motors is determined to continue this positive momentum into the new season. Showcasing our commitment to the sport, we have introduced a slew of new initiatives in the 2015 race truck, along with our new Indian driver selection and training program for 2016. As we ready ourselves for season two of the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship, we hope to strengthen our on-track record, as we continue to lead in a rapidly changing Indian market place, with new-generation trucking technologies and solutions. The event will definitely be one of the highlights of the year.” is what R Ramakrishnan, senior Vice President (Commercial), Commercial Business Vehicle Unit, Tata Motors had to say.

Though truck racing is in it a nascent stage in the country, it will pick up with the right marketing and good sponsorship. Driver training programs and open track days could give a chance for people looking to have a go at these beasts!