2015 Roadmaster On Show at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on 2nd August


The Indian motorcycle is a 100 year old legend, as American as they come, with a mystique all its own. Sadly the company went bust in 1953 despite attempts at resurrection by lovers of the Indian brand some of which featured Laurence Fishburne in ads with the tagline “Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man wants to do and Polaris Industries was the man who did it, resurrecting the brand into a triumphal comeback that is giving the jitters to Harleys and their ilk.

The 2015 Roadmaster is the latest baby from the Indian Motorcycle stables all set to go on display on 2nd August at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The 2015 Roadmaster was introduced following the tremendous success of the Chieftain and Classic models. Retaining the genes of the quintessential Roadmaster that was so famous circa 1947-1953, this new avatar is entirely redesigned and is built to provide comfort for two to travel in classic style. The obvious changes are wide tan leather seats, more rider legroom and adjustable passenger floorboard with a carpet lined rear trunk and saddlebags so characteristic of road tourers. The modern touch is a remote locking system and heated seats as well as handgrips with temperature settings. In addition to the standard 143 litre storage space, buyers can go in for custom fairing. It has a horizon windscreen with power adjust. The rider can adjust airflow and low the fairings.

At the heart of the 2015 Roadmaster is the classic 1811cc V-twin air cooled Thunderstroke 111 engine mated to 6 speed overdrive transmission that puts out 161 Nm of raw torque in international markets and a scaled down 139Nm for India, priced at around Rs. 35 lakhs. Buyers ready to shell out this mind boggling amount for a pair of wheels have the option of body work in black, red and red-ivory schemes. But then they are buying into the Roadmaster mystique, a name that ruled the roads from 1947 to 1953 as the best all time tourer. The 1940s was the decade of the Indian with models such as series 441, Military Model 841, Four Police Special, the Sport Scout and the Indian Scout dominating the scene.
The 2015 Roadmaster aims to recapture its markets and enthuse a younger generation. According to Steve Menneto, VP of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries, the manufacturers, the 2015 Roadmaster is unmatchable on quality, craftsmanship, performance and features in the luxury touring segment.

Some of the superb features that contribute to an unequalled riding experience are – Tire pressure monitoring system, Anti-lock brakes, Chrome front and rear highway bars, Keyless ignition and remote locking for saddlebags and trunk, Triple power ports, Electronic cruise control, LED Lighting, Infotainment console with communication, telephone, navigation and Pandora as standard features, Bluetooth capability, Luxury chrome trim for forks, trunk rack, fender tips, front and rear highway bars.

Ever since its revival the Indian brand has received a favourable response and has eaten into Harley’s market shares. 80% of Indian motorcycle buyers were previous owners of Harleys. The company could sell more than 15000 bikes in 2014 translating to $ 300 million in revenues. Polaris is quite positive about India being one of the most promising markets and is actively promoting its range through Indian dealerships. Four wheelers, step aside. The Indian is here.

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