2015 Rainforest Challenge Goa dates announced

Rain Forest Challenge India 2014

In the year 1997, one of world most demanding and extreme 4X4 off-roading events called The Rainforest Challenge (RFC) was conceptualized by Luis J.A.Wee. Its motto is “survival of the fittest, not only in terms of physical fitness but also mental endurance”. RFC is the Mecca for 4X4 enthusiasts who want to take up the jungle adventure.

Its main agenda is that the event should be organized in the rainforests during the monsoons. Its spread over a few days where the contestants have to go through mud in drenching rain, flooded river crossing, deep ruts, gullies and sometimes even landslides. It is an extremely dangerous event and only the people with experience and who are daring enough participate.

Rain Forest Challenge takes place all over the world in Italy, Russia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tunisia, China and Australia. It is a test to see how well the drivers can manage in the wet conditions and not lose their frame of mind. It is an ultimate test of the competitors driving abilities as well as frame of mind.

Rain Forest Challenge India

Rain Forest Challenge was held in India for the first time this year in Goa. Next year too the event will be held in Goa between the 24th and 31st of July 2015. In India Cougar motorsports holds the franchisee for RFC, a Small Business Organization member of Tread Lightly which is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to proactively protect recreation access and opportunities in the outdoors through ethics education and stewardship initiatives.

Since the event will be held in a rainforest and irresponsible driving could potentially harm the environment, a charter for protecting the environment has to be signed by the competitors.

Key elements of the charter are:

> No standing trees or plants will be cut or damaged

> Failure to use a tree trunk protector during winching operations will result in a DNS being recorded for the SS.

> Participants will drive to campsites in an organized convoy, within speed limits and only on marked tracks.

> Participants will remove any fallen trees blocking the track and not drive around them.

> Participants will ensure that they do not endanger the lives of any birds and animals.

> Any vehicle with excessive emissions will be disqualified from participation.

> Campsites, assembly, holding and work areas, will be left clean.

> All participants will carry garbage bags and take all their garbage and dispose it in the municipal waste disposal bins. No garbage will be buried or left behind.

> Where toilets are not available, participants will be required to dig a hole and bury “night soil” at least 100 meters away from camp sites and watercourses as mentioned on the Rain Forest Challenge website.

From the videos available on Youtube, it is clear what a big success the RFC was last year. This year will only be better!