2015 Need For Speed teaser unveiled

Need for Speed 2015 image 1

So the first ever game to come from the Need for speed stable was about 21 years ago. Most kids playing NFS right now weren’t even born back then. Then there are a few loyalists like me, who have played almost every game from back then.

My personal favourite is Need for speed underground 2. That game till today remains one of my all time favourites. This was the first time a game allowed open world running, and such awesome customization options along with the best cars of that time and classics to choose from. I can go on record and say that NFS Underground 2 is one of the best racing games to ever be made. It was way ahead of its time, and according to me, is the ultimate NFS to have hit the gaming world.

Now NFS has unveiled a new trailer of the latest edition of the game. It has been simply titled “Need for speed”. It is probably the most exciting thing I’ve seen in weeks. The small 38 second long trailer has got me wondering if this was a follow up to the underground series. The possibility of that happening has got me, and a lot of people who’ve seen it very, very excited!

The teaser features some of the best racing cars, ranging from a 2015 Ford Mustang to a Nissan 18- SX. If that as a petrolhead doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will!

Apart from the cars, it’s the high level of detailing in the graphics that had me awestruck. Ranging from the general structures to the puddles of water on the road. This is going to be a very exciting game, and I am looking forward to spending my weekends (all-nighters) playing this.

Check out the video, and do catch the full trailer releasing on the 15th of June. Do tell us what you think?