2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class to be launched in India on November 25

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class image 2

The new C Class will be launched in India on November 25

Mercedes has been bombarding the Indian car market with a flurry of launches to regain the ground it has lost in the luxury car segment. We recently saw the launch of Mercedes Benz GLA class and its slightly mad AMG version. Now we were expecting Mercedes to launch the new C Class early next year but now it is being reported that it will be arriving by the end of this month. In other markets, it is being offered with multiple engine and transmission options. Here we will first see the entry of the petrol variant and then the diesel one will follow.

The new Mercedes C Class is a major upgrade over the previous variant. The styling is more youthful and it is a more mature and grown up design. The car is very well styled and people will really love it but it is a bit too mature for a sports sedan. This is because of the styling elements it shares with the epitome of luxury, the Mercedes S Class. Still it retains the profile and design elements that make it a C Class, the long hood, stylish cabin and a short stubby boot.

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The cabin is inspired from the S Class

The good thing with this new Mercedes C Class is that it will appeal more to buyers looking for an elegant sedan rather than an aggressively styled Mercedes. Mercedes now has other models lined below the C Class to handle that job. The S Class inspiration is seen inside the cabin of this new C Class as well. The large console sits a bit high and sort of creates a divide between the two front seat occupants. The infotainment system comes with different features on different trims and it gets the latest software as seen on the S Class. The air con vents also seem to be lifted straight off the S Class.

The previous Mercedes C Class wasn’t very impressive in terms of space for the rear seat occupants. Things are much better this time. It has grown in length and width which translates into more space inside the cabin and despite the dropping roofline, there is plenty of headroom. The new C Class is based on the MRA platform which will be used for all future Mercedes rear wheel drive sedans and SUVs. The chauffeur driven would really love the new Mercedes C Class for the improved leg room and space at the rear.

In other markets, the new Mercedes C Class comes with features like lane change prevention, automatic parking, automatic brakes and heads up display among others. Many of these features will also make it to the model for Indian market. While there are a lot of changes in the C Class, the engines will essentially be the same. However the car is lighter than the outgoing model, thanks to the aluminium-steel hybrid chassis, making it more fuel efficient. Mercedes-Benz has also worked towards making the cabin a safer place to be in by adding new airbags at different places. It also gets the new Airmatic suspension which offers various modes according to road conditions.

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The new C Class is longer and wider than the previous model


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The new C Class looks more youthful than the previous version