2015 Indian Scout launched in India at an attractive price of Rs. 11.99 lakh

Polaris has injected new life into the Indian Motorcycle brand, languishing ever since it underwent a series of ownership changes. While it is experiencing a revival in the US, its motherland, the owners are equally focused on making the world their stage. India is in focus and not long ago Polaris announced that the Roadmaster would vroom into India. On the heels of this announcement we have Polaris announcing that the Scout 2015 cruiser will also find its way into Indian markets.

2015 Indian Scout3

The 2015 Indian Scout debuted recently in the USA and it has iconic status among Indian aficionados. Indian Motorcycles has gone ahead and launched the Scout in India for a price of Rs. 11.99 lakhs ex-showroom, New Delhi. The Scout retains the classic lines of American cruisers with a two tone color theme while the engine is a revamped design in line with contemporary performance expectations.

The Scout has a ground clearance of only 134 mm which means it is low slung with a low center of gravity and a lean angle of 31 degrees. Even the seat height is a mere 643 mm making it suitable for Indians. The motorcycle’s length is 1563 mm and it has the same looks as its predecessors of the 30s and 40s as far as looks go but the alloy chassis has a rigid triangle design and the structure allows for easy navigation in tight corners despite its weight.

Powering the Scout is a DOHC 4 valve per cylinder, V twin 60-degree 1133 cc liquid cooled engine that produces 97.8Nm torque at 5900 RPM and 100 HP of power at 8100 RPM. The engine features a closed loop fuel injection system and a ride by wire throttle coupled to 6 speed gear train. In simple words it means this baby is responsive and easy to handle with enough grunt to go off to a flying start.

Without petrol the Scout weighs in at 244 kgs but fill up the 12.5 litre tanks and the weight increases to 253 kgs. Not the lightest but certainly very maneuverable and easy on the wrists. This is a lightweight cruiser if you consider its elder brothers like the Roadmaster and Chieftain. Up front you have telescopic forks with dual chrome shocks at the rear. 298mm disc brakes at the front and rear provide the required stopping power. This is the most affordable Indian Motorcycle available in India at the moment.

2015 Indian scout sideview

2015 Indian Scout sideview2

2015 Indian Scout

2015 Indian Scout Front

2105 Indian Scout sideview3

2015 Indian Scout rear