2015 Honda CRV facelift unveiled

2015 Honda CRV

Honda unveiled the new Honda CRV, and it is expected to reach Indian shores by mid-2015. The car first made its appearance at the Paris Auto Show in 2014.The previous generation CRV is already on sale in India.

The car showcased at the Paris Auto show was only a concept. The soon-to-be launched Honda CRV will feature a completely new-refreshed look. It will sport a new front grill and headlamps, which will give the complete fascia of the car a makeover. The bumpers, skid-guards, LED taillights and alloy wheel design will be upgraded as well. The interiors of the 2015 Honda CRV will also be completely revamped, giving it a modern upgrade. Premium materials have been used on the inside. The dashboard has been given generous amounts of chrome, giving it a futuristic look. There would also be a sliding arm-rest between the front seats.

2015 Honda CRV infotainment system

The most significant upgrade will be the new 7-inch infotainment touch screen system. It will feature satellite navigation, Internet radio and will also display key information about the car, like fuel efficiency figures. The screen will act like a rear-view mirror as well, displaying the reverse camera visuals on it. The Euro-spec models of the Honda CRV will be having Mirror Link as well, though it`s unlikely to find its way to Indian shores. All these upgrades are made to appeal to the younger generation of car owners.

2015 Honda CRV rear

There will be an option of a diesel as well as a petrol variant engine on offer. The petrol unit will be a 2.0 L i-VTEC engine churning out 155 PS of power. The diesel will have two options. There would be a 1.6 L i-DTEC in two different states of tune. One would be a 158PS motor with a 6–speed manual or a 9-speed auto, and the other will be a 118 PS, available only with a manual transmission. 4 -Wheel drive will be available only on the more powerful 158PS vehicle.

The previous gen Honda CRV was not exactly the cheapest, nor fuel-efficient. Considering the heavy upgrades, expect the car to burn a hole in your pocket!

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