2015 BMW 3 Series facelift will be revealed on May 7

The new 3-Series will be unveiled next week in Munich with a few exteriors and interiors updates. A new 1.5 litre 3-cylinder diesel motor is also expected to be introduced on this model.

BMW 3 series

The recent launch of the new Mercedes Benz C –Class set the alarm bells ringing at BMW`s headquarters in Munich. As a result BMW is all set to unveil the 3-series facelift at an event in Germany next week. The 2015 BMW 3-series redesign is all set to get an exterior update as well as a new engine option. The Bavarian based carmaker will plonk the new 1.5 litre three-cylinder twin-turbo diesel motor under the hood of the new 3-series. Online reports confirm that a 2.0 litre petrol-electric hybrid motor could also be a possible option.

Exterior updates for the 2015 BMW 3-series facelift include a redesigned kidney grille, bumper and an all-new adaptive headlamp setup. Minor interior changes too are possible in the form of new materials and features list.

The 3-series has been pushed to a corner with the entry of the Audi A3 entry level luxury sedan and the impressive new Merc C- Class. With few buyers in India for this Beemer model, this refresh might surely give a boost to its sales in the country. The new 1.5 litre diesel motor might act as a catalyst as BMW does not have an entry level luxury sedan in its portfolio, this could very well be the option that BMW could use to fight it out with its competitors in the entry level luxury sedan space.

Watch this space for updates.