144PS 2.5L Fortuner launched in India: Only available in TRD Sportivo

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the most loved SUV’s in the country. Commands respect on the roads, and swallows massive potholes without breaking into a sweat. Toyota has very subtly launched a new variant of the Fortuner. It is identical in terms of looks and features (interior as well as exterior). Under the hood is where the difference can be noticed. The SUV borrows the Innova’s engine, in a different state of tune. The car, now with a smaller capacity engine, will not be cheaper as expected. The car will be available only in the TRD Sportivo variant, hence the high price.

The 4 cylinder, 2494cc DOHC engine has a power output of 144PS @ 3400 rpm and 343 Nm torque @2800 rpm. The same engine on the Innova has a power output of 102PS and 200Nm of torque. The original 3.0L big capacity engine churns out a mammoth 171PS and 343Nm (MT) and 360 (AT) of torque. There is not much difference in the torque, though the 3.0L will always be the favored mile cruncher! This engine variant has been doing duty on Toyota vehicles in Indonesia and it was bound to make its way to the country.

Toyota Fortuner silver colour

The car will only be available in white and silver. The ex-showroom prices are as follows:

M/T: 24,44,200 INR
A/T: 25,44,200 INR

The TRD Sportivo 144PS Toyota Fortuner features a rear roof spoiler, body stripe and dual tone radiator grille. The only thing missing in the 2.5L Fortuner will be cruise control. Honestly, why not just pay a little more and get the 3L beast!

(Update: Recently Toyota launched the latest Fortuner in India)