Volkswagen cars emit 9 times more than legal limit in India

Volkswagen EA 189 engine 1

After facing a whole lot of criticism and flak post being caught cheating on emissions levels in the USA, other countries also started looking into as to whether VW cars in their respective geographies come fitted with any cheat devices for violating the emission levels or not. Unfortunately, news for Volkswagen in our country is not pleasing at all.

According to the Ministry of Heavy Industries, India, Volkswagen India has reportedly been cheating with emission norms in our country as well through similar cheat devices found earlier. Thanks to the cheat device, cars from the German company are emitting as much as nine times as the permitted limit. As a result of this violation, the Road Transport ministry will take the necessary decision and action against the car manufacturer in India. However, Volkswagen has said that they have not fitted their diesel vehicles with any such cheat devices and their cars adhere to the BS IV emission norms.

If the case against VW comes out to be true, then somewhere around 3.24 lakh cars (which is a pretty big number) from the company will have to be recalled. But it is not just this; more importantly, Volkswagen’s name in the Indian car market will take a major blow is the company’s diesel cars are found to be violating the emission norms. Because models will be recalled, owners will go through a bit of a hassle other than the fact that their VWs are actually causing more harm to the environment than any other model from other car manufacturers here in India.

Well, this comes as a major news not just in India, but in other parts of the world as well mainly due to the fact that no such vehicle manufacturer has been found cheating on emissions in such a big scale in most of the markets it is present in.

Source – MotorBeam