Over 100,000 units of Mercedes-Benz S-Class sold in first year

Mercedes Benz S Class 1

Mercedes-Benz S-Class –

German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz has revealed that its new S-Class (W222) has been well received in the market and is a huge success. Mercedes-Benz has stated that the S-Class has reached the sales milestone of 100,000 units in just a year.

The Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars who is responsible for Marketing & Sales of the company, Ola Källenius said that the sales milestone of 100,000 units of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in only one year’s time is the definitive proof that the combination of high-class quality, commendable efficiency and an array of innovative features and safety systems has charmed the company’s customers and has efficiently managed to meet the customers’ highest requirements and demands. Källenius added by saying that the company has extended its range of luxury models at the end of September this year by introducing two enthralling and promising luxury car models in the form of the new S-Class coupe and the S 500 PLUG-IN Hybrid.

Mercedes Benz S Class

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a combination of high class quality, luxury and commendable efficiency –

The most remarkable factor is that it is the first time in the history of a luxury car model to have crossed the sales mark of 100,000 units in the car’s first year market launch. Mercedes-Benz also ensured this fast sales rate of the S-Class by rolling out the car very quickly and uniformly. This factor has been one of the most vital, apart from all the luxurious qualities of the car making sure that the S-Class reaches its sales milestone in such a less time period. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been on sale in some of the most prominent and important car markets of the world. The S-Class went on sale in 3 of the most important car markets of the world in slightly different timings namely, Germany (in late July), China (towards the end of September) and the United States (mid of October).

At present, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is available in the international car markets in three different body types namely, Standard, Long Wheelbase and a Coupe to choose from as per need or preference. Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to launch the three other exclusive derivatives of the car, which is very natural given the huge popularity and success of the vehicle. The German car maker has also launched a plug-in hybrid version of the S-Class in the global market at the end of September. The new S 500 plug-in hybrid is the third hybrid model in the range of the new S-Class, as the car follows the launch of two other hybrid models in the line-up, namely the S 400 hybrid and the S 300 BlueTEC hybrid. With more variants to follow soon, the sales of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is set to increase even further.